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These are boards I did for 9 Lives of Claw. It was a tremendously fun show and I greatly enjoyed being told to feel free to plus the script and come up with some of my own gags.  

Super Kenji

This is the animatic for what became a bit of a show off piece for a lesson opener at Imagine Learning. It's clearly a temp track but I have such a soft spot for this first animatic. 


This is the animatic for the Snackworld short film to debut in theaters in Japan. The boards were done by me and edited together by director Motonori Sakakibara.  It was an interesting challenge since I do not speak Japanese.  (pass: snackworld) 

Flyby Marketing

These are the finished boards put together in a rough animatic. It's not properly timed out but it's still fun to watch.

Androcles & the Lion:

This was a challenge to see if I could tell an Aesop fable in 100 panels or less. Great exercise in learning economy.

Karate Fly

The idea for this sequence came to me in a dream. It's an idea for a short I'd love to take to competion but alas, time and money. 

Tea for Two:

The rough animation got me graduated. The finished short was an exercise in proving to myself I could finish a project. 


This is *old school animation*, done entirely on paper. Post graduation I completed the short doing cleanup (again, on paper) and scanning in and coloring in Photoshop several hundred frames of film and painting all the backgrounds. 


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