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Thug Cat

This is a short snippet from a story I was working on with a class I was taking at the Animation Collaborative. It involved a collector with the mafia who befriends a stray kitten.

Puss in Boots: Story Test

I was fortunate enough to work briefly on the Dreamworks Netflix series "Puss in Boots." This was the story test from a script they gave me that got me the job. 

It was a tough show but I learned so, so much. 

Kong vs Shark

This was a really fun fight scene I did near the end of my time on Kong: King of the Apes on Netflix. The script was a little thin so I was told to just go to town on the underwater fight between Kong and three robot sharks. 

I'm still very tickled how this entire sequence came out. 

9 Lives of Claw

These are boards from "9 Lives of Claw" which sadly wasn't picked up. I had a great time working on it as it was funny, had a lot of action and they let me come up with a lot of my own gags. 

This is the rough pass.

Mike Crobe -Beats

I worked with writer/director Jason Phipps on the pilot for his series "Mike Crobe." 

These are beat boards from an early draft when we were developing the look of the characters and show. 


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