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Cat Boyfriend: A story prompt from Moroni Taylor, this is one of my favorite little story tests. 

Darth Vadar. Elmo. The DVM. A chair. GO!

(!improv is fun) 


Anipop was for a fun webseries based on a very popular cell phone matching game in China.   It was a lot of fun as I got to do the scratch track in English, translated from the Japanese script and then have it dubbed into Mandarin. Gotta love the global economy! 

This story test got me the really rewarding job working on the Netflix show, Puss in Boots. It was an amazing experience and it transformed the way I handle boards. 

During my stint on Kong: King of the Apes we were often told to `punch up' a fight. I got to go throw everything but the kitchen scene at this sequence of Kong fighting two robo sharks underwater. 


The Horse Prince : Beatboards 

A personal project, the idea for this piece came to me while walking through San Francisco on a really, really windy day. These are the roughs.

You can see the fleshed out piece on the animatics page.  


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