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"Dusk on the Playa" or "Dust and Lights and Fire"

Craig carrying Lisa. It's super cute.

I went to Burning Man a few years ago and it wound up being a fascinating experience. I'm generally a rather straight laced person but I knew if I went to Burning Man and didn't relax I would have a horrible time. I decided my mantra would be "Say yes to things." I added the caveat "to things you can say yes to," and I wound up doing things I would have never done otherwise and met people and had conversations that were wholly new and unique to my previous experience.

This is a section from a larger picture that is still in progress but it features a great friend I met there carrying Lisa around. Behind him are me and my buddy Bryce and various elements from things I saw. Craig never actually gave Lisa a shoulder ride but this picture rings true. I even sampled most of the colors from a picture snapped of Burning Man at dusk.

I carried the experience and the mantra out with me to what Burners dub "The Default World," and saying yes to things (that I can say yes to) has made my life much richer.

Burn on, man. Burn on.

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